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spark whole student learning


Sea Crest is excited to partner with Spark Whole Student Learning in our continued effort to create a school that is accessible to students with a range of learning profiles. This pilot year will include and not be limited to: virtual whole-class workshops, teacher professional development, small group tutoring, individual structured literacy instruction, and curriculum-specific tutoring.

executive functioning workshops

Sea Crest hosted the week of January 4th, 2021, the first series of workshops to help our 4th-8th grade students nurture and develop skills, such as time management, organization, perseverance, self-control, focus, task initiation, metacognition, flexible thinking, planning, and working memory.

“It is always beneficial to have a variety of tools in our toolkits, and I’m hoping that students walked away from this first week with at least one new executive functioning strategy or a heightened level of awareness of their own executive functioning. Some highlights from the week have been compiled into the accompanying video. I look forward to working with the Sea Crest students again in February for our next week of workshops!" ~Lisa Shapiro, Spark Whole Student Learning

4th-8th Grade Executive Functioning Workshops


spark whole student learning


How do I know if my child could use additional resources?
Your child’s teacher is your child's first and primary touch point. Sea Crest teachers know your child and are conducting ongoing formative and summative assessments. They will reach out with concerns and suggestions as they arise. That said, in a year of distance/hybrid instruction you have a unique window into your child's learning. Please reach out if you think your child may need Spark support.

What does Spark cost?
Sea Crest is committed to meeting the needs of its students and supporting families throughout this process. In this pilot year, Sea Crest will be covering the cost for pre-meetings, assessments, ongoing communication between tutors and teachers, teacher professional development, and class-wide workshops. Parents will be responsible for covering the individual cost of tutoring sessions. Pricing for Spark sessions varies based on number of students (private vs. small group). Sea Crest will do its best not to let finances preclude a student receiving this additional service.

I am interested in Spark for my child, now what? 

  • If you think your child may need additional support please reach out to: Michelle Giacotto, Director of Lower School; Holly Weaver, Director of Middle School
  • Michelle/Holly, your child's teachers, and Spark will work together to create a student support team that will discuss the specific challenges and unique needs of your child. 
  • Observation and screening will be conducted through various lenses. The observations will be shared with the student study team and parents, and a learning plan will be created.
  • As the learning plan is implemented, your child's teacher, Sea Crest administration, and the Spark tutor will have regular communication and meetings to monitor progress and share out the progress.

What if dyslexia is suspected?
When considering if a student is indeed at risk of dyslexia, before putting in place their robust dyslexia intervention services, Spark brings in a collaborative partner, Sarah Zainfeld, to administer the Shaywitz Dyslexia Screening. The screening draws upon teacher observation and feedback and does not necessarily require classroom observation, though that is often an additional lens Sarah applies when resources allow. Sarah also utilizes a protocol of the Mills Teacher Scholars, looping in teachers and Spark to analyze student data through a strength-based approach that offers additional insight into best next steps for supporting the student.