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Partnership with Spark

spark whole student learning


Sea Crest began our partnership with Spark Whole Student Learning in September of 2020 and it has proven to be an excellent resource providing small group, individual structured literacy instruction, executive functioning workshops and curriculum-specific tutoring for Sea Crest students. Spark’s expert tutoring staff will continue offering online support of students they have been working with and will also be available for new referrals as we determine student needs going forward this year. 

executive functioning workshops

Sea Crest hosted the week of January 4th, 2021, the first series of workshops to help our 4th-8th grade students nurture and develop skills, such as time management, organization, perseverance, self-control, focus, task initiation, metacognition, flexible thinking, planning, and working memory.

“It is always beneficial to have a variety of tools in our toolkits, and I’m hoping that students walked away from this first week with at least one new executive functioning strategy or a heightened level of awareness of their own executive functioning. Some highlights from the week have been compiled into the accompanying video. I look forward to working with the Sea Crest students again in February for our next week of workshops!" ~Lisa Shapiro, Spark Whole Student Learning

4th-8th Grade Executive Functioning Workshops