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We believe that Mathematics instruction is most meaningful and memorable for students when it is rooted in opportunities for problem solving, mathematical discourse, and real-world application. This school year, Sea Crest has adopted Bridges curriculum for grades JK-4 and Illustrative Mathematics curriculum for grades 5-8.

In the Primary grades, instruction focuses on introducing mathematical practices and thinking routines to help students develop number sense as a strong foundation for future learning. Students engage in many opportunities for hands-on learning, where they are able to explore new concepts in a concrete way, building and modeling problems with manipulative tools.

In the Secondary grades, students expand their repertoire of operations, building upon their understanding of addition and subtraction to master multiplication and division. Students explore place value to tackle increasingly complex problems and delve into the more abstract mathematical concept of “part to whole” through an introduction to fractions and decimals. Teachers encourage students to think mathematically and discover multiple approaches to solve a problem while differentiating to ensure students are appropriately challenged. 

In the Upper grades, the Mathematics program provides a multi-level approach with the opportunity for students to pursue different learning paths. After solidifying and deepening their understanding of foundational math concepts, the focus shifts to algebraic reasoning. For students who are ready to tackle more abstract problem solving and thrive in a challenging environment, we offer an accelerated path that gives students the opportunity to complete Algebra and progress to Geometry in the 8th grade, allowing them a valuable foot up to pursue more advanced mathematics in high school.




Upper School Math




Stephen Holzer

Mathematics Teacher and Instructional Coach, Stephen Holzer, talks about the launch of the new mathematics program at Sea Crest, our approach to building a strong mathematical foundation with students, and the work he is doing to support teachers.