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Language Arts

The Language Arts program at Sea Crest is designed to build a strong foundation in literacy skills while sparking a lifelong love of reading and a deep appreciation for the writer’s craft.

Utilizing a workshop model based on Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) developed by Lucy Calkins, our teachers tailor instruction to meet the needs of their students and ensure that each is appropriately challenged.

In the Primary grades, students make the magical connection between sounds and letters, letters and words, and words and stories. They discover that exciting new worlds can be opened through reading and learn to view themselves as writers with stories to share.

In the Secondary grades, students deepen their knowledge of literary genres and story elements while developing the skills and strategies to become effective and engaged readers and writers. Their learning experience is enriched through meaningful discussions in Book Clubs and writing conferences with teachers and peers.

In the Upper grades, Language Arts becomes embedded at the heart of the Humanities class as students refine their literary skills in preparation for the transition to high school. Students are empowered to use literature as a means of learning more about their world and themselves and to cultivate their own unique voice as a writer.

Upper School
Upper School