Distance Learning / Spring 2020

Sea Crest School transitioned to Distance Learning from March 17th through June 5th, 2020.
We are grateful for our families, their partnership during our twelve weeks of distance learning and their feedback throughout the transition. Our faculty worked really hard to incorporate this feedback, input from students and their own experience to refine our Distance Learning Program (DLP) and create a simplified, predictable, and manageable structure for learning. 
Distance Learning Program
Distance Learning Program

All the important elements of our innovative, progressive curriculum were incorporated into Distance Learning Program (DLP) in so many creative ways everyday!

DLP Highlights:

Project Based Learning -Insect Study, Sand Study
Trout Study & Release, Family Unit & Personal Timeline Project
Weekly Social Emotional Unit, Virtual Farm Field Trip, How-To Video Project
Country Study & Presentations, Hatching Chicks & Creative Writing Project
Astronomy Project, Economics Study & Single-Use Solution Project, Geometry Project
Gold Rush Study, Opinion Essays & Persuasive Video Project
COVID-19 Time Capsule, American Revolution Timeline Project, History African Mask Project, 
Renowned Paleontologist & Molecular Biologist Led a Virtual Scientific Expedition
All-school Ginger Girvin Movement Challenge to Raise Funds for Flexible Tuition
Daily Enrichment Opportunities, Morning Meetings, Spirit Week, Scavenger Hunt
Middle School Passion Projects -Coding, Design, Animation
 Music, and more!

We are very thankful for the great teachers at Sea Crest School for planning engaging curriculum that kept my children engaged all day! ~Amy (Parent at Sea Crest)