Social Emotional Learning

Learning About Ourselves and Others

We believe that students' social-emotional development is just as important to their education and future success as their academic development. Our lower school teachers utilize a Responsive Classroom approach to build a strong sense of collaboration and community in the classroom. Students work with teachers at the start of the school year to collaboratively set goals and guidelines for how they will learn, grow, and work together throughout the year to come. Each school day begins with a Morning Meeting that builds a sense of connection and community. Throughout the day, students engage in mindfulness exercises, "brain breaks", and quiet activities that support focus and emotional health.  

Students explore core Social-Emotional Learning concepts each month, including: Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Empathy, Gratitude, Equity & Inclusion, Kindness, Curiosity, Environmental Stewardship, and Perseverance. Each year, teachers build and expand upon the tools and strategies introduced to meet the ever-evolving developmental, social, and cognitive needs of students.       

Community building takes place across the grade levels through our Learning Buddy Program and Assemblies. Each lower school student is partnered with a "buddy" from another grade to build connections and friendships throughout the school. Middle School students also have the opportunity to work as teachers' assistants in our JK and K classrooms. Once each month the entire school community gathers in the Kohr's Family Center for an all-school assembly. These assemblies center around our monthly Social-Emotional Learning theme and are lead by our middle school Leadership class. Lower School also meets for a monthly assembly that highlights school news and classroom learning that is lead by the fifth-grade Student Council.  

A safe, nurturing and joyful community of learning.