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Gift of Time and Talent

A parent's Perspective

Volunteers are an indispensable resource to our teachers and students. Those who volunteer at Sea Crest will enhance their connection with teachers and teaching, become better leaders and examples for their children and those around. Evidence suggests that when adult volunteers are present, students see that adults take school and education seriously and respect and support learning. Improved attendance, behavior and social skills are all achieved when adults volunteer.

Our Family began at Sea Crest 6 years ago, when my son, Brandon, started Kindergarten. I knew I wanted to stay engaged in his school activities and make connections with other families within the Sea Crest Community. Not really knowing what my volunteering would exactly be, I hurried and signed up to become a Room Parent. I figured that this job was safe and that someone would guide me in the role once they had my contact information. It was an easy way to transition into volunteering, with flexibility.

Why volunteer?

By now some of you could be saying: well, I just don’t have time, I have to work long hours, and I have sports, homework and household responsibilities to attend to; I can’t fit one more thing on my plate! I have 2 children, ages 10 and 3, work part-time at one job, in addition to working for my family’s farm, PAB chair, sports, and extracurricular activities. I hear you and I get it!

Sea Crest understands that parents are busy and have little to no free time. Though they appreciate all the help we can give, they are not expecting a full-time volunteer commitment.

I volunteer at our school because it makes me feel connected. It is an engaging time to help make a positive difference for our students and teachers, a sense of accomplishment. I think of helping at school like helping around our home. We all have specific duties to do, when we all take on those duties whether it be the laundry, or loading the dishwasher, or cooking dinner, we have a sense of accomplishment when we are done and have completed them as a team. When we work together, it is not all on one or a few, it is on all of us to take on a part of that task to get the whole job done.

Sea Crest has classroom and school wide activities throughout the year that need volunteers to make them happen, such as hot lunch, field trips, auction, a school wide run, parent outreach/communications, and hospitality to name a few.  Please sign up and track honorable hours for all events through our Beehively portal. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out ( on how you can best volunteer and let us know your skills, passions and connections. We can find something that can fit your busy schedule.


Bridget Jett
Parent of Brandon Jett, 5th Grade, Class of 2025
Chair of the Parent Association Board