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Culture of Giving

A parent's Perspective

Having been raised in Half Moon Bay, I feel fortunate that my son is able to grow up in the same friendly coastal community. Although it has changed in many ways, it is still the HMB of my youth, where the beach is our outside playground and walking into any store pretty much guarantees that you will run into someone you know. One thing is remarkably different when you compare my child's experience to my own. Sea Crest. While I was schlepped 20 miles over the hill for every school day, every sporting game and every birthday party, he has the option of attending a small, independent school on the coast. How lucky he is!

Why give?

Well, I think we give because it feels good! So, why give to Sea Crest? For me, I love the idea of giving back to the school that has been instrumental in my child’s upbringing. I did the math and my son has spent close to 8,400 hours at Sea Crest in the past seven years! This is time where he is being taught academics, where he is being exposed to art, music, drama, Marine Science! Time where he is also learning how to be a good friend, a good teammate and a good person. Because I believe in the experience that Sea Crest is providing, it is the first place I think of when donating.  I feel confident that the money I am giving is going to the greater good of my child and the Sea Crest community.

As we head back into “normal” times, I look forward to meeting you all and connecting with our Sea Crest Community. It is just another added bonus of what makes Sea Crest great... all of you!


Kerri Conlon
Trustee and Chair of the Development Committee