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Welcome to Sea Crest school,

As a former teacher and parent of two Sea Crest alums, I am so thrilled to be writing this letter. My journey at Sea Crest began in 2007. I had just had my second child and was looking for work as a primary teacher. At my interview I fell in love with the school's approach to learning, the community of professionals, and the beauty of the coastside campus. For over a decade, I taught and learned alongside the children in my 1st grade classroom. What I loved most about being a teacher at Sea Crest was the ability to connect with every one of my students, and meet them where they were academically, developmentally, socially, and emotionally. 

The decision to bring my own children to Sea Crest was a struggle. I lived 30 minutes away and I wanted my children to walk to school and form lifelong friendships with children in the neighborhood. Within a few weeks, my attitude shifted entirely. I was completely won over. I observed students in K-8th grade accessing amazing enrichment opportunities within their regular school day. I was infected by the warmth of the school community, the intimate classroom setting and the robust extended day program. It was a no brainer. When my son started kindergarten we became a Sea Crest family.

I had the lucky advantage of going to school with my children for 7 years. I was able to watch them in their classrooms, on the playground, and with their friends. I saw good days and bad days. Perfect test scores and late assignments. Skinned knees and broken bones. Birthday celebrations and peer conflicts. I watched them acquire the tools to navigate it all and witnessed firsthand the immense impact a school and it's community can have in shaping a child. 

The year my daughter graduated I left the classroom and moved into admissions. I felt I had a story to tell and experiences to share. I have only shared the tip of the iceberg. I encourage you to explore our website and schedule a personalized tour. I would love to meet you so I can tell you about what our school has to offer and how it can enrich the lives of your children and your entire family.


Stephanie Hanepen
Director of Admissions


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