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Dear Sea Crest Families,

As Sea Crest opens its doors to its 25th school year, we pause and take a reflective moment to look back on the journey it has taken, take stock of where we are today and chart our course for the future.

Sea Crest has always been a place where students engage curiosity, express creativity, act with compassion and lead with courage. We are a small school that puts our students at the center of everything we do. We provide them a community to build a strong academic foundation, grow in self-awareness and develop their own voice to advocate for themselves and those around them. Our program focuses on the developmental stage of each child with an exciting and enriching project-based learning curriculum that empowers our graduates to take risks and make a positive impact on the world around them.

The 2020-21 school year brought with it surprises, challenges, moments of discovery and plenty of forced flexibility. Sea Crest students, faculty and families came together for the greater good of our community so that our kids could thrive in a moment of struggle. We were aware of our great fortune and chose to not focus on our own disappointments but sought out to help others through food drives, assisting neighbors, volunteering and building a community beyond our campus borders.

The Sea Crest faculty continued each day to show up, dive in, teach and learn. Collectively, they were bursting at the seams with creativity to find new ways to connect, collaborate and engage with their students. The board of trustees continued to lead with a clear voice, vision and support for the work we do each day.

On this website, you will learn more about our departmental articulation and choosing to understand our own institutional “why”. You will learn about the enriching programs that are offered to each student, the commitment we have made to environmental stewardship through our newly launched Marine Science program and our continued commitment to support each child’s unique learning.

Best regards,

Lauren Miller
Head of School