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Strategic Plan


Our mission grounds us in what we most value about a Sea Crest education. Comprised of four major sections: Cultivate CommunityProgram InnovationStrengthen the Institution and Infrastructure Development, our Strategic Plan is our guide for the next five years and helps us to focus on how to best fulfill this mission.

Designed as a visionary document, our Strategic Plan was formulated during our 20th anniversary year, with input from our constituents – pupils, faculty, staff, administration, trustees, parents and alumni/ae, as part of our re-accreditation process. This truly collaborative document was finalized by our Strategic Planning Committee, comprising faculty, staff, administrators and trustees, and ratified by the Board.

Sea Crest has seen significant growth, especially in our Middle School. From our humble beginnings of 24 pupils, we now stand at almost 300, the highest enrollment in our history. This is in large part due to the high caliber of our faculty and staff, deeply committed trustee volunteers, supportive parents, combined with a vigorous curriculum and engaged pupils. It is indeed an exhilarating time to be part of the Sea Crest community!

Developing authentic relationships is important to us. As we reach towards the goals of our Strategic Plan, we recognize that we can accomplish them only if we continue to work together, never becoming complacent or resting on our laurels and always keeping our sights on achieving greatness in all that we undertake.

Celebrating the present and looking forward to the future,

Dr. Tekakwitha M. Pernambuco-Wise, Head of School
Amy Ramsey, Chair of Board


Lynn Marrs, Chair

Janicee Forchini
Michelle Giacotto
Stephanie Hanepen
Jessica Patti
Dr. Tekakwitha M. Pernambuco-Wise
Anastasia Pickens
Michael Thompson
Sheila Woods


Executive Committee
Amy Ramsey, Chair
Jim Bartel, Vice Chair
Jacquie Cuvelier, CFO
Tanya Gulesserian, Secretary
Barry Franklin, At Large
Dr. Tekakwitha M. Pernambuco-Wise, Head of School/Ex-Officio

Sarah Griego Guz
Rick Kowalczyk
Laura Leber
John Loeser
Lynn Marrs
John Meyer
Paul Nagengast
Ryan Popple
Sue Reyneri
Julie Walters

Trustee Emerita
Pam Izzo