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Our four acre campus is part of the small town of Half Moon Bay, in a residential neighborhood just a few steps from historic Main Street. We are fortunate to be surrounded by the scenic beauty of the San Mateo County Coast, and often take advantage of our local beaches, forests and community as additional learning spaces. Sea Crest is committed to environmental sustainability and environmental stewardship is incorporated into the curriculum in many grades. Younger students study the local ecology with visits to the tide pools and local conservation areas. Upper lower school students take over the management of our school’s reuse and recycling program, and visit the local landfill to learn about the impact of waste on our local environment. The school generates on average 73% of its’ own power via solar panels installed on the roof of the Kohrs Family Center building.

Classrooms and Buildings

Our learning spaces are made up of our main academic building and the Kohrs Family Center which houses our performing arts classrooms and a full-size gymnasium. 
Since its founding in 1996, the families of Sea Crest have responded to the needs of our students by purchasing a four-acre property, erecting a main classroom building, adding a sports and performance facility, constructing an Innovation Lab and building a second floor, all with an eye toward flexibility and adaptability.
Classrooms and furniture are upgraded and reconfigured as needed, responding to new information about learning styles and effective teaching approaches and sensitively maximizing each student’s potential.
Flexible furniture throughout the school enables students to work individually or in groups. Our 21 core classrooms are thoughtfully created with a developmentally-appropriate, academically-engaging and community-minded design.

Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab is a fully-outfitted maker space that includes hand, power, and technology tools. Our Science Labs provide everything students need to use the scientific method to question, hypothesize, investigate and experiment. 

Performance and music classes take place in a large rehearsal and recording studio and a flexible multipurpose classroom for drama performances. We also have an art studio utilized by students in all grades.

Outdoor LEARNING Space

Outdoor Learning Program

The final element in our school’s master site plan is the outdoor space that frames and unifies our campus to provide all our students the irreplaceable benefits of daily time outdoors. We just renovated our outdoors into a space that nurtures children’s social, physical and intellectual growth by providing outdoor areas designed for imagination, exploration, adventure and wonder.

We now have multi-purpose outdoor spaces including a sports field, playground, free play area, running trail, creative play space, mindfulness garden, and an amphitheater for learning and performance. 

In addition, our teachers take advantage of our rich and local coastside landscape, building it into the curriculum with frequent trips to beaches, parks and community events to study our local neighborhoods and learn how to protect our fragile local ecosystems. 

Outdoor Play